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In the Words of a Grateful Parent

We recently received thanks from someone whose son had received an iPad. We wanted to share her thoughts directly with you.


Thank you again for such a wonderful visit this morning and for bringing Dillon an IPAD.

The IPAD has had such a profound effect on Dillon's growth in so many areas within his life that I could write a book. I would say the most important use for the IPAD is that it's been used as a window into Dillon's World.

In 2012, I started a Facebook community page called, Dillon's World, to be used to bridge the gap from Dillon and myself on our homeschooling journey to the world outside. I wanted to show the world who Dillon is, the value that he has as a human being and to give people the opportunity to join our world. The life of a special needs family can be an isolated and lonely one at times and I needed to build natural supports for Dillon and for us a family. Dillon's World was a hit! It grew very fast. Dillon started to type on the ipad by sharing his daily thoughts and I would share his thoughts on Facebook. His followers and now our dear friends have been with us ever since sharing their world with us and together we are all learning about our worlds together. Dillon reads their comments and we work together in typing a response.

We started sharing Dillon's cooking shows which was another hit! And so we started a website along with now a developing business where Dillon will be selling his creative creations online and within our community.

Unfortunately within this past year our IPAD aged out and no longer is in use and we were in need of a new one. Asking for help is something that is very difficult for my husband and I to do because there is a stigma attached to special needs families. A judgement from others that we are "needy" and that we "cheat the system". It's unfortunate but it's the reality of this world. We really didn't know how we were going to afford another IPAD.

And that is when I remembered Lynn Messer and his sweet wife. About a year ago I met with them and they shared with me the work that they have started with the Kiwanis Autism Project providing iPads and software applications to children living with autism. I remembered feeling so touched because they truly cared for families just like mine and they recognized the need families have and value an iPad can bring! I reached out to Lynn Messer via email sharing our need and he sent me an application and within less than two months Dillon has an ipad again. A very important tool to expand his world.

I will never be able to thank them, Kiwanis, and all of the supporters that give to this important project enough. We are so grateful. One day my husband and I will be gone and Dillon will need someone to care for him. So it brings us comfort and hope that people sincerely care about our son Dillon and our family.

Sincerely, A grateful mom Jackie N. Mayer Mother of Dillon's World. Every person has value and a purpose! Dillon's World, LLC

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